E Fund (HK) Select Bond Fund
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Investment Objective and Strategy

The investment objective of E Fund (HK) Select Bond Fund is to achieve long term capital growth through investing globally in a portfolio consisting primarily of investment grade debt securities denominated in offshore RMB, USD, EUR or HKD which aim to generate a steady flow of income in addition to capital appreciation for the Sub-Fund.
​Investment Policies and Strategy

Debt securities in general

The Sub-Fund will invest not less than 70% of its Net Asset Value in a portfolio of USD, EUR or HKD denominated offshore investment grade debt securities issued or traded in the global debt securities markets such as but not limited to Hong Kong and Singapore; and where the Manager believes such debt securities are being traded at significant discount to their underlying intrinsic values.

The Sub-Fund may also invest in emerging markets.

The Sub-Fund may invest in onshore Mainland Chinese debt securities for up to 20% of its Net Asset Value via Bond Connect. It may also invest not more than 30% of its Net Asset Value in “Dim Sum” bonds (i.e. bonds issued outside Mainland China but denominated in RMB).

The debt securities in which the Sub-Fund may invest shall include, but are not limited to, listed and unlisted bonds, government bonds, convertible and non-convertible bonds, fixed and floating rate bonds and high-yield bonds. Up to 100% of the Sub-Fund’s Net Asset Value may be invested in convertible bonds (issued and/or guaranteed by issuers such as corporations, financial institutions and banks).

The Sub-Fund may invest less than 30% of its Net Asset Value in debt instruments with loss absorption features (such as Additional Tier 1 capital notes and Tier 2 capital notes, subordinated debt instruments etc.). These instruments may be subject to contingent write-down on the occurrence of trigger event(s).The Sub-Fund will not invest in contingent convertible bonds.
The Sub-Fund may invest in debt securities rated investment grade, below investment grade or unrated. The aggregate investment in below investment grade securities and/or unrated securities will be limited to 30% of the Sub-Fund's Net Asset Value. For a debt security which itself does not have a credit rating, the Manager will assess the debt security by reference to the credit rating of the issuer, the guarantor or the keepwell provider. "Investment grade" refers to at least Baa3 by Moody's or BBB- by Standard & Poor’s or equivalent ratings as rated by one of the international credit rating agencies, or (in relation to onshore Mainland Chinese debt securities) by Mainland Chinese credit rating agencies. “Unrated” refers neither the bond itself nor its issuer has a credit rating.

In the event the credit ratings of a security comprising the Sub-Fund’s portfolio are downgraded from investment grade to below investment grade or unrated, the Sub-Fund may continue to hold or divest from such instruments but will not make any additional investment of such instruments. The Sub-Fund will not invest more than 10% of its Net Asset Value in debt securities issued and/or guaranteed by a single sovereign issuer (including its government, public or local authority) which is below investment grade and/or unrated.

The Sub-Fund will invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of debt securities with no fixed duration, term structure or industry sector weightings in the allocation of assets in developed markets. Selection of investments will be determined by the availability of attractive investment opportunities.

The Sub-Fund’s investment horizon is not restricted geographically and the Sub-Fund may invest in global debt securities. The Manager may invest significantly in any one region or country, for example, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Equity securities

The Sub-Fund may also invest less than 30% of its Net Asset Value in shares listed on Hong Kong, Singapore or U.S. stock exchanges (including American Depositary Receipts and preference shares). In the event that the Sub-Fund hold listed equities from the conversion of the convertible bonds, the aggregate exposure in equities will be less than 30% of the Sub-Fund’s Net Asset Value. The Sub-Fund will not hold equities that are unlisted.

Financial derivative instruments, sale and repurchase transactions /reverse repurchase transactions and other investments

The Sub-Fund may also invest in units in any unit trust or shares in any mutual fund corporation or any other collective investment scheme (including those managed by the Manager or its connected persons) authorised by the SFC or in eligible schemes and may hold cash, deposits, and other money market instruments (such as but not limited to treasury bills, commercial papers, certificates of deposit as considered appropriate by the Manager). The Sub-Fund will not invest more than 30% of its Net Asset Value in such instruments/investments.

The Sub-Fund may invest in financial derivative instruments for hedging or investment purposes to the extent permitted by the SFC’s Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds (the “Code”) and the provisions set out under the section “Investment and Borrowing Restrictions” in the main part and Schedule 1 of the Explanatory Memorandum. The Sub-Fund will not invest in collateralised and/or securitised products (such as asset backed securities, mortgage backed securities and asset backed commercial papers).

The Manager may, on behalf of the Sub-Fund, enter into sale and repurchase transactions and/or reverse repurchase transactions outside Mainland China for up to 20% of the Net Asset Value of the Sub-Fund with a view to creating additional income. For the avoidance of doubt, the aggregate exposure to sale and repurchase transactions together with the Sub-Fund’s borrowing will be up to 40% of the Sub-Fund’s Net Asset Value. Further details on the Manager’s policy for such transactions are included in Schedule 2 of the Explanatory Memorandum.

The Manager will not enter into any securities lending and other securities financing transactions in respect of the Sub-Fund.
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